Key Dates & process

  • Submissions are open to publishers from 3-19 September

  • A longlist will be chosen by a small panel including retailers

  • The longlist will be sent to the Academy, a group drawn from key figures and influencers from across the industry and asked to vote for the best book in each category

  • The top 5 books will then be shortlisted and the Academy will be asked to vote again from these to pick the winner in each category

  • The winners will be announced at the Awards on Tuesday 20 November, hosted by Zoe Ball

  • Highlights will be shown as part of a Zoe Ball Christmas special on ITV1

  • Consumer PR including media partnerships is being handled by Taylor Herring with literary and trade PR handled by Midas PR


Criteria & further details

The Specsaver National Book Awards are designed to recognise and reward high quality popular books. We're looking for books that have really captured the public's imagination or made an impact in some other way, books that stand out and those that will make fantastic Christmas presents.

  • There are no restrictions on how many books can be entered per imprint or publisher, we are looking for you to enter your very best books.

  • There are no fees for entering, shortlisting or winning. The awards ceremony will be invitation only and there will be no charge for attending.

  • The longlist will be chosen from all submitted titles by a small panel of experts including retailers. They will use their expert book knowledge to judge which books they feel should be longlisted.

  • In helping us choose the longlists we are asking you to indicate sales performance by ticking which bracket sales to date fall within. Books will not be judged solely on it, we are not seeking simply to reward bestsellers but it will be taken into account in making our decisions. Books that have not yet been published, have only recently been published, have made an impact in other ways or have achieved modest sales but that are way beyond initial expectations will all be considered. Sales can be a useful indicator that we want to consider but we understand the best books of the year are about so much more than them.

  • There is a section for you to make a case for why your book should be longlisted. It is up to you how you use this but as we are expecting many entries per category we would ask you to be as brief as possible and it is fine to leave it blank where the book and its sales speak for themselves.

  • Both the shortlist and winners will be chosen by the Academy. This is an invite only list of high profile and pre-eminent book industry figures drawn from across publishers, agents, authors, booksellers, journalists, reviewers and influencers. The Academy will be contacted in September with details on how to vote. They will be asked to use their industry knowledge to choose winners in each category, not to show favouritism to any books they have been involved in and are encouraged to only vote in categories where they have knowledge and expertise.



  • Books must be published in either hardback or paperback in the UK between 21 November 2017 and 20 November 2018.

  • Digital only books are acceptable in all categories but please bear in mind that we expect these to have made a significant impact.

  • We will also consider self-published books but only where these have sold in excess of 50,000 copies and only where they have been priced at 99p or more.

  • Entries in the audio category should be made by the audio publisher and should include a brief clip of the reading. For the avoidance of doubt, if the book and audiobook are not simultaneously published, the book may have been published prior to 21 November 2017 providing the audiobook is published in the eligible period.

  • Entries in the International and UK Author categories are not being recognised for a specific book but should have had a book published in the last year.

  • We want as many shortlisted authors as possible to attend the awards ceremony on Tuesday 20th November, please bear this in mind when choosing which books to submit.


Submit your books

To submit your books you need to fill out a form. You must submit one form per entry and ensure that you are filling out the correct form for the category you are entering. Please follow the links below to access the forms. You do not need to supply any copies of the books at this stage.

Each form requires:

  • Your contact details

  • Publisher details

  • Basic book information including title, author, ISBN, format, publication date, blurb and an upload of the AI

  • Sales data: this is in the form of a bracketed range and we are looking at sales to consumers, rather than sales in to bookshops. Please include digital sales or sales through channels not counted in the TCM where relevant.

  • You also have the option to add any extra information for why this book/author should be longlisted. This will only be used in the longlisting stage and isn't required. If you do choose to include information here please do keep it as brief as possible and think about what we might need to know when considering it against other books published this year.


If you have any questions please email