About the awards

The National Book Awards showcases the best of British writing & publishing, whilst celebrating books with wide popular appeal, critical acclaim and commercial success. There are 11 categories. The awards are organised and governed by Agile Marketing with developmental help from a cross-industry steering group. The event and TV programmes are managed by Cactus TV Ltd.

The shortlists are chosen by around 50 carefully-selected individuals from the National Book Awards Academy, who are drawn from retailer chain buyers, independent booksellers, wholesalers and trade press columnists. All have knowledge of not only what has been published throughout the year, but have also seen proofs and galleys of titles about to be published. Those involved include experts with specialist knowledge of all the genres covered by the categories including children’s books and audiobooks.

The winners are chosen by votes from the National Book Awards Academy. Votes at this stage are given to the whole academy of over 750 industry experts.

Specsavers became the sponsor of the 2012 awards, the new deal follows the previous partnership with Galaxy.

The National Book Awards were created, owned and event managed by Cactus TV.